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why is it the ones you really want to hit you up never do.. & the ones you could care less if they do.... BURN YOUR PHONE UP!.. | Flirting Ecard

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials review: 'no trial at all'

Newt always has time for fashion.

Problems of a book nerd #779: That major sleep disorder you have called "Reading"

Haven't been there yet but plan on going in that area for blue agate. So I'll just have to look.

I love reading. I just hate having so many books to read and yet never having enough time to read them.

I love this Fandom so much, but not as much as I love Thomas Brodie Sangster❤️

Please Enjoy These Super-Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts

This bothers me because Hermione didn't get Crookshanks until Prisoner of Azkaban, therefore he wouldn't have been there when she rode the train while Harry and Rob flew the car to Hogwarts

And it shows John green books so... He's my favorite author yet he kills my favorite characters

Alignment Chart: Game of Thrones edition

Alignment Chart: Game of Thrones edition, don't watch this show yet, but I love these charts

My soul is not yet ready to be completely and thoroughly ruined beyond repair