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drawing girl hair styles | How to draw anime girl hairstyles pictures 1

Simple eyes that will help over dramatize a face to bring out emotion. . . these are mostly used on Anime characters.

There are many techniques to draw hands, but my favorite is the mitten technique. Start with a basic shape and the thumb, and then draw the fingers in.

anime+step+by+step+drawing+eyes | How to draw anime eyes step by step pictures 2

Robert De Jesus

Tokyo Ghoul | Manga [Chapter 25: Enlightenment] vs Anime [1x8] <-- There's moments in the anime where I hate how far off from the manga it is, but then there's moments like these where it's just so amazingly close and OMFG ASHIJDHAS!

Here's a great series of Star Wars alphabet character art created by Joe Wight. As you can see he threw in a little stylistic touch of Manga to the designs to cute them up

Good Luck, Natsu! by zippi44 omg I can't get over this gif

This is so very cute and would be simple to draw. Description from I searched for this on