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ok but why jungkook why do you have to tease jimin more about his height than ever bro he's already shorter than you you don't need to stand on a stage to be taller smh

seagulls: want to get some fish cakes? jibooty: wtf its 5am seagul… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

[BTS in America: Marine Boys of America] - JUNGKOOK & J-HOPE Date: August 10th 2014 Location: Marina del Rey, LA "However, we felt the best! The ‘flat’ youngest member of BTS also acted charmingly today. It can’t easily be seen every day~"

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Jikook accident kiss live. SeoulSisterSopi 2,000+ #Jikook photos https://uk.pinterest.com/SeoulSisterSopi/jikook-~-kookmin-~-jiguk-~-busan-boys/

Hay por dios! Rayo no se dieron un beso is. Jimin le gusta a kookie pero kookie estaba evitando a Jimin en ese tiempo

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