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Cute and true! Remember that when dogs look away or turn away it's a sign of respect or submissiveness, unlike with humans. So the "look at me when I'm talking to you!" doesn't always work. @Ashley Wink

(Shifter Rp? Be whoever and you can be as many characters you want in it. Just take take over my characters please. I'm the leopard that's cuddling the black one. Please comment and add me so we can message please since I can't reply to comments) -I purr as I hug him. He growls lowly and pushes me off and walks away shifting to human form. I run forward and shift next to him. He glances at me and rolls his eyes-"put some clothes on Lila "-i look down and shrug and when I feel eyes looking…

Michael Clifford arrives from a sleepless flight in Los Angeles

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Emergency Kittens on

I'm thistle I don't speak much I'm negelectied by my father every day that makes me stronger then ever I have a cruel and dark heart that will never change I was born in the dark freinds crazy... So much blood and gore some cats say I'm the first in a long time to really be born into that camp am I lucky I don't know I ask my self every day I have a clawed up eye

40 Painful Love Quotes You'll Love To Hear

Pink Door ➵ VK - ★001

✨☁️ bueno no me pude contener y escribí el primer cap