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Nam Nam (Cynometra cauliflora) is native to Malaysia. The fruits are kidney-shaped 5-10cm long and 5cm wide. The pod does not split open readily but a line is visible along the fruit and divides it into two. The texture of the fruit surface is rough and wrinkled, pale greenish-yellow and dull looking. The flesh is juicy and yellow in colour. It produces a smell and tastes sourish. The seeds are large.

Cherimoya Fruit pink inside, Sour Sop white & fleshy inside, Sweet Sop and other varieties of delicious fruits.

Source for Mangos in SD: san diego tropical fruit nursery 2528 Crandall Drive San Diego, CA 92111 Open Saturday and Sunday only 858-277-8167 to contact owner Quang Ong -- UC Riverside agronomist.

Rambai fruit tree, native to Southeast Asia with fruits hanging in long stack from the tree branches in bunches. The fruits are small and round and the flesh has an acidic to sweet taste.

Duku Johore, a tropical fruit only grows in southern part of Peninsula Malaysia. It has a thick skin with very sweet, seedless flesh. The size of the fruit can be as big as a tennis ball