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Master these quick & easy yoga poses #Namaste More

Namaste. Nice word. Nice reminder that we are all spiritual souls having a human experience together.

i love that i haven't lost the flexibility in my legs, but my back is stiff as a board now :( i wanna go back to when i could do this!

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5 bonnes raisons pour commencer le yoga

Yoga tree pose design - would make a beautiful tattoo! I'd add the Hebrew words "this too shall pass". | Loved and pinned by

Yoga Anatomy extended ed. by Lesie Kaminoff #ClippedOnIssuu

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana - Leslie Kaminoff Yoga Anatomy Illustrated by Sharon Ellis

the only way you should be doing shoulder stance...on blankets. this helps to keep the natural alignment of your cervical spine.

On my impossible goals list. Maybe some day it will be on my long term then short term...

I don't have a third eye, I can't breathe into my thighs and I don't think I will have less fear after doing a gesture of no fear, but I love yoga.