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Savvy Authors | Finding the Editor for You Good tips for finding an editor for your masterpiece, by Michel Prince.

How to Sneak In Any Amount of Information & Maintain the Fictive Dream

Good news is that most structure problems can be fixed, although many times that requires leveling everything to the foundation and using the raw materials to begin anew...the correct way and killing a lot of little darlings along the way.

Just Write. How? Seven Tips to Get Your Writing Into Gear

7 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book As Soon As You Finish the First Draft | Sandra Beckwith

Understanding the most common writing mistakes can help authors write and edit with more clarity — and keep them from stumbling on common pitfalls.

How To Become a Better Writer Faster

It's tempting to focus on perfection, especially if you want to become a better writer. But as you'll learn in this post, it's a bad way to get better.