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These 10 Seemingly Unrelated Movies Are Technically Christmas Movies - http://a1viral.com/index.php/2016/11/21/these-10-seemingly-unrelated-movies-are-technically-christmas-movies/

For many people the sit-ups are the most disliked exercise, and yet many want a straight and sturdy stomach. Fortunately, fitness experts have found a solution which, they claim, can replace even a 1,000 sit-ups. This is a static exercise in which all the weight of the body lays on the hands and toes, and ...More →

Vandal paints penis on £1.5million Bugatti Veyron... An amateur psychologist seems to have been at work as a vandal on the streets of Seattle, painting a COCKADOODLEDOO on a £1.5million supercar which some might say functioned as a substitute for the real, fleshy thing.

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