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Dog are getting skinned, burned, and tortured in China as a fastival. These dogs are taken away from families and tortured until dead. Use the to stop this horrible thing

Welcome to China – the world's largest fur exporter – which has left animal activists sickened.

#EndYulinFestival Please help Animals Asia end the Yulin dog meat festival and stop the slaughter of thousands of dogs by joining me in signing and sharing this open letter:

For the love of God, please stop this sickness!! I have signed a couple petitions against this. Lord have mercy. I pray for these dogs and this ends for good. #stopyulin2015

18 things you didn't know about dog paws. If your dog is slipping on floors check out our vet approved toe grips! www.toegrips.com

He was saved from the #DogMeat trade His eyes speak for him Let's be his voice And #StopYulin2015

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival slated for June 21st in Yulin, China. Sign the petition NOW! #stopyulin2015

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