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Twitter erupts with hilarious memes imagining Joe Biden's last laugh at the White House

After Donald Trump's stunning election victory, Twitter has erupted with funny memes imagining Vice President Joe Biden's last laugh at the White House.

Joe the troll

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Far-out Finland: Tickled by Tampere, the tiny city where the Moomins play

The Moomins - a family of trolls (resembling hippos!) who live in Moominvalley in Finland. Created by Swedish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Turned into a TV series in the UK in the 1980s.

Teen who wants to throw party hacks parents' phone and changes 'no' to 'hell yes' using autocorrect

"Rag and bone man is a British phrase for a junk dealer. Historically the phrase referred to an individual who would travel the streets of a city with a horsedrawn cart, and would collect old rags (for converting into fabric and paper), bones for making glue, scrap iron and other items, often trading them for other items of limited value.

New favorite cryptid: locals XD omg

I don't know which is the best part of this: the comment "Dad did you see that?" or the fact that King Uther was playing his pink Nintendo DS while filming.