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my photograph ©an_ism // #moon #bird #nature #monochrome #bw #night #sky

The world is a beautiful place, but you might find it hard to believe that these surreal spots really do exist on our little green and blue planet.

my photograph ©an_ism // #moon #bloodmoon #night #tree #star #blue

my photograph ©an_ism // #sky #tree #nature #moon #dusk

my photograph ©an_ism // #moon #night #shadow #blue #silhouette

La fantasía en Haiku

"Inmortales son Cuando sale la Luna Mis alas con luz"

Animal-loving photographer creates surreal art to save shelter pets

The photographer cites this image of a dog basking in moon glow as her personal favorite of all time, “because my sister will soon give birth to her first child and they have this picture in their bedroom,” she told

Albanian self-taught photographer Adrian Limani creates tiny worlds inside fragile light bulbs. He takes beautiful photos and then uses his photo manipulation skills to make it appear as though the...

Playing With a Ball . | GEO ism [5_030572] | One of our fellow Night Photographers, Geo, took a shot with a similar star like effect so I basically just copied him. Not original, I know, but it's not like I haven't ever used the technique before... you'll see it in lots of my shots like this, this, this and this. Sometimes those spikes will turn a dreary shot into a dreamy one. Of course our goal on this morning was to catch the "Super Moon" setting behind this lighthouse. Yo...