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#TBT Here is a Geology throw back to our first hall of Paleontology. © The Field Museum, CSGEO8792, Photographer Charles Carpenter. Hall 59 Paleontology. Field Columbian Museum exhibit. Overview down hall showing columns and skylight, sign with a printed label and stand indicating that this is a model of an Ancient Sea Lizard on a wooden pedestal. (Cretaceous Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurus). On sides of hall are Pentacrinus Sea Lilly, plants and reptiles, fish. To see more images from the…

Here is an image of the moon model being dismantled. © The Field Museum, GN84925_8, Photographer Ron Testa. Dismantling Hall 35 Moon Model in Geology Hall. Workers include Nancy Hendriksen, Tom Moon, Dion Miller and Terry Gibson. 6x7cm negative Ron Testa

A study of mass extinction

The last passenger pigeon died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914 – the only species that the exact date of extinction is known. Photo Marc Schlossman

© The Field Museum, GN79197. Artist Paul Banks with his vivid pastel chalk painting called Arrangement of Animal Symbols. He is a first year student at Art Institute. Miss Ethel Spears is his instructor teacher.8x10 negative4/16/1956

Sometimes fossils aren’t in the easiest place to reach. Imagine slowly chipping away at a fossil for hours in this small space. © The Field Museum, CSGEO32665, Photographer Elmer S. Riggs.John B. Abbott collecting the skull of Dolichorhinus longiceps Douglass, divide near White River, Gilgenite vein #2 Geology specimen P121755x7 glass negative 6/1/1910

© The Field Museum, CSZ6050_LS, Photographer Carl Akeley. Camel & men training a camel to sit by pulling its front legs with a leash or rope. Africa Expedition Zoology Mammals Africa D.G. Elliot, Carl Akeley, Mr. Dodson [London] Start Date: March 27, 1896 End Date: December 1, 1896Lantern Slide 4/1/1896

© The Field Museum, GEO78713.Puppy dog. Rawson MacMillan Subarctic Expedition Anthropology, Zoology, Geology North America Canada Labrador Subarctic Bowdoin|Radio William Duncan Strong, Alfred C. Weed, Sharat K. Roy, Arthur G. Rueckert, Novio Bertrand Start Date: June 25, 1927 End Date: September (?) 19284x5 Interpositive 1928

Pudu, the smallest of the deer family. These little guys only get to be about 13-17 inches (32 to 44 centimeters) tall. © The Field Museum, CSZ48000, Photographer Wilfred H. Osgood.Tame Pudu, mammal4x5 negative 1923

Fossils are transported from the field to the museum in plaster jackets. © The Field Museum, GEO81473.Orville & Gilpin opening a plaster jacket with a crow bar in the Geology prep area on the 3rd floor. 5x7 negative 11/5/1954