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The themes and imagery used here is often adult in nature so please consider this an NSFW and blog. For an easier view of my personal creations, I've made an archive account: Archive Please also enjoy my...

I do trust you xx but it still hurts , i love you and the thought of you flirting with somebody else ,hurts like hell , i have had a bit of pay back thats all , look what i did to you xxx i love you xx

Anais Nin Quotes- This! When love is true and grand, life stops and you just live in the moment.. you're happy and then one day you turn around and say, "where did the time go?"

What should I say when I want to kiss the side of your neck and leave it at that? When I want to feel the heat of my own breath bounce back and warm my lips after I strategically place them on my favorite pieces of your skin. I want to leave goosebumps everywhere I have not yet kissed and spend the night trying to read them like Braille. Tyler Knott Gregson.