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Revés judicial en Estados Unidos al intento de patentar seres vivos

Judges halt Welsh badger cull

Badger Campaigners Vow to Fight On After Court Defeat

The Badger Trust says that killing badgers will make no meaningful contribution to tackling TB, which has been described as the most pressing animal health problem in the UK. (click on the photo for the full story) Brian May: "What you've heard is that the judicial review failed. It isn't totally unexpected. What you've got to remember is that judges do not review the scientific evidence, they do not review the ethical considerations. All they do is look at the technicalities."

We all were outraged about the Congressional wolf delisting rider last year. Well, it’s about to happen again for Wyoming. The 2013 Budget is being introduced in Congress today, and we have every reason to believe another delisting rider is attached to it. Of all the states in the Rockies, WY has the worst wolf plan - so bad, they are looking for another “no judicial review” rider to protect it. Idaho’s wolf population is being decimated - a token population in the north

Ivory Belongs On the Elephant ADVOCACY AND INFORMATION SITES Elephant Ectivism | For Elephants Elephant Advocacy ElephantVoices Burn the Ivory

Oppose New Dolphin Swim Facilities in The Bahamas. @sea Shepherd Conservation Society #defendconserveprotect

NEDA FIROUZ is NOT the Property Manager we need to lead us through these difficult times, said a resident who Neda Fioruz ignored in the course of her normal duty while pretending to be on the phone for half an hour!!

As you read through this document you will discover beyond any doubt whatsoever that cannabis has a tremendous variety of medicinal values and applications specific and provable enough to be granted a U.S. Patent, yet the Judicial Branch of our government continues to classify Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance