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oooo, really like the swath of tints slashed across the shades. There is a name hidden into this fractured design too.

Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, and sharpies. This makes a cool low relief sculpture. Start by teaching about line variations, and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, etc.). Cool project for 6-7th grade.

warm & cool • day & night or other opposites (love & hate, winter & summer, dead & alive, free & imprisonment)

Blowing ink 'hair' with a straw! Fun portraits double as an oral motor activity for lip seal, cheek tension, and tongue retraction. Visit for more #oralmotor ideas

Students created these wonderful snowmen in class. Students objective was to create a snowman with a fun (and Tall) hat. Students used markers to draw their snowman on the first day. On the Second day they used bright color paint to fill in the four equal squares of the background. The last part of the project was the best. Students dipped their fingers in white paint to add the snow.

"longest line drawing" fill paper with one long line, draw shapes on top, color each shape with a monochromatic color scheme color pencils