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Who like blue colors? I love them so much. This purse is bigger than you would think. What do you think of this purse

Please can I have this laundry room!!! Great mix of open and closed storage I love the big sink. And the interplay of colors and textures is lovely.

Modular Mates - my new best friends! On sale 40% off sets, 50% off Mega Set - through Jan 22nd! or message me. Inspiration CAN be found EVERYWHERE!

JOURNEY COLLECTION Canvas Handbag In 8 Colors

Journey Canvas Handbag makes you realize it is always important to enjoy the journey as well as the destination..

found @ This necklace is trendy and the loops are removable. I love the colours, olive, grey, fuchsia, mint and brown. These beads are paper beads made in Northern Uganda. Find out more about the story behind this necklace. Fashion can empower women