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Only a couple of times I've defied this and verbally snapped at someone, and they didn't understand why i was so upset.

INTJ women can face challenges in romantic relationships because they may actually be less emotionally expressive than their partner. Most men are used to women who are emotional and bubbly, while the INTJ is neither of those things. She is very internal and private about how she feels, often taking a long time to warm up to others. This doesn’t mean that the INTJ woman does not want romantic connections, or that she doesn’t feel emotions. She just doesn’t express this easily.

I was very much like this. I would rather study, play the piano, draw, read and quietly be by myself for hours. Books were my only friends. :)

Conversations are short but always on point. Perspectives explored, experiences applied, and conclusion are drawn; only then are words spoken. It's never one tracked, the process so it's challenging to keep up with which perspective they are following as they bounce from each one as it is challenged to logic.

Put this with my scorpio sign and what does that make of me? No wonder people are afraid to approach me if they make eye contact.