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Coca Cola ad, Tagline: "For a better start in life..start Cola earlier!". yup a good start for obesity!

Every time I do a cartoon that suggests that obesity is caused by a horrible diet and way too much of it, I get an email or two from someone who says that they eat a low-fat, vegan diet, exercise 18 hours a day and are still fat, so their problem is genetic. If you are a person like that, this cartoon is not for you. It’s for people who don’t exercise, eat fast food hamburgers, and wonder whey they’re dead at 50.

probably NEVER asks her husband if her ass looks fat in pants, coz she's got no pants, what did you think i meant?

Fat Girls In Bikinis - Is Fat in? Wherever it is its not in the suit!! Honestly is this what I look like when I get out of the pool.

I have seen this clever solution in the office so I wondered how they could target specific brands.... it is for a competition so you can do what ever you want. Creative Vein’s anti-obesity Chip Shop Award entry tops our Facebook poll | The Drum