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2.8 lb brown long haired chihuahua mix. Responds to his name, Tebow. He was not wearing his collar because it was too heavy for his neck. He looks like a mini fox. He is registered with the Plano Animal Shelter and they have a flyer for him in their lost and found book. He got out of my back yard. The nearest intersection is 14th Street and Rigsbee in Plano, Texas. (One light away from 14th and Jupiter) We are offering a Cash Reward, we just want our little baby back!!

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#lostdog #Katy #TX Bella is a long-haired Chihuahua missing since March 24, 2014

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Missing critically ill dog in Houston, Texas- A Texas dog who arrived Thursday at the BARC shelter has now been confirmed as missing. The dog was last seen early Friday afternoon outside the rear entrance of the shelter located at 2700 Evella Street in Houston.

BEING LOST AFTER SANDY IS A DISASTER~If you find a pet offer food & water; don't force them into your car; never touch or move an injured animal-seek professional help; scan for microchips; add to lost pet lists; keep away from your pets to avoid diseases; seek medical attention if bitten or scratched. check: SHARE THIS TO HELP PETS LOST BECAUSE OF HURRICANE SANDY. BE PROACTIVE IF YOU FIND A LOST ANIMAL & HELP THEM GET BACK HOME. WE CAN DO…