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Facebook Monday … Plus!!

* * The fear is palatable in the fox's eyes until he's sure the human reflected there is carrying a camera, not a gun.He has seen too many of his loved ones murdered for their coats or their very heads for trophies. A world gone mad with apathy and greed. Sad beyond comprehension.

How is this man real? He's got curves in all the right places and then that face. How can it be possible for one man to have so many nice features AND be a good guy on top of it. Why aren't there more of him?

Random Inspiration #55

Sometimes, The very same thing happens within ourselves. Our soul battles our body, and sometimes, both of them end up losing the fight.

50 Strangest Censored Movie Lines

-- "நஙகள அரததமளள பசச பசவடடல பசபபடடத இனனதனற எபபடத தரயம? சப கடமபத நஙகள பசனல அவசவசகள உளள வநதல உஙகளப பததயம படததவரகளனபரகளலலவ? ஒரவன அநநயபஷ பசகறதணடனல இனனரவன அரததம சலலவம வணடம. அரததஞ சலலகறவனலலவடடல அநநய பஷ யரம பசதரககடவன. தரககதரசனஙகளனலம நனறபம. அநநய பஷகளனலம நனறபம."