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The New York Botanical Garden Train Show

The New York Botanical Garden Train Show — Peaches+Salt

Top 5 Places For A Date In New York

A little extra dusting of nutmeg on top and you have a star of a cookie that tastes exactly like a cup of rich, fragrant nog.

So it should come as no surprise that these Candy Cane Twists are my favorite cookie, resurrected from my childhood like the ghost of Christmas Past. A soft, velvety almond heavy cookie dough that gets a liberal injection of red food coloring and twisted with plain dough to become a candy cane vision of sugared bliss. Still warm from the oven, they're sprinkled with a mixture of crushed candy canes and sugar that creates a fairy dust of holiday happiness.

Gingerbread CandyLand Game & Advent Calendar -

Christmas is around the corner yet again, and that means kiddos are counting the days until Santa arrives. We know there are a ton of paper advent calendars out there to build excitement around the 25th, but this year, you can make a new kind: a gingerbread CandyLand game! Decide whether you’d like to do the step-by-step guide to make this a true advent calendar (and add an element to the board every day), or do it all at once as a family.

Today's cookie is a sassy creation that is absolutely inspired by your favorite Indian influenced latte. We start with a spicy snickerdoodle, carefully engineered to stay puffy and soft instead of falling into a flat crispness. After cooling, they're topped with a swathe of vanilla bean buttercream and then liberally sprinkled with sugar and spice.

These homemade marshmallows are swirled with Nutella and espresso syrup, then dredged in confectioner's sugar and cornstarch to preserve their gooey goodness until you're ready to give them your full attention. You'll marvel at how easy marshmallows are to make and wonder why on earth you've waited this long to enjoy popping one into your coffee or tea. It's a mistake I'll help you rectify. Right now.