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The National Book Award-winning first novel in the epic World War II trilogy weaves together courage, violence, and passions of the men and women stationed in Diamond Head, Hawaii, in 1941, just before America's entrance into the War.

A memoir of the author's losses to fire and her work with Vietnam veterans also includes a novel about a Chinese American man and his wife who flee to Hawaii to evade the draft during the Vietnam War, only to work with Vietnam veterans. Recommended by Veterans for Peace.

In a historical novel based on events at a small village in Tuscany during World War II, four African American soldiers from the 92nd Division, a band of partisans, and a young Italian boy come together to experience a miracle.

A poignant novel set in 1967 captures the diverse viewpoints and private lives of one American family, the Espejos, as their lives are irrevocably transformed by the Vietnam War, from Rosario, the dying family matriarch, to Gustavo, the rebellious oldest son who is about to receive his draft notice, and his sister Xochil.

The story of Deo, a survivor of the Burundi civil war and genocide of the 1990s who arrives in America with practically no resources and manages to overcome homelessness and constant nightmares about the country he left behind. Deo eventually graduates from medical school at Columbia University and returns to build a clinic in a Burundi haunted by all-too-recent memories.

Hold It 'Til It Hurts by T Geronimo Johnson: Finalist for the 2013 PEN/Faulkner Award "The magnificence of Hold It'Til It Hurts is not only in the prose and the story but also in the book's great big beating heart. These complex and compelling characters and the wizardry of Johnson's storytelling will dazzle...