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Role Plays for ESL Adults: Travel

Our adult ESL students are seasoned travelers. These role plays were written with them in mind. Use in any speaking class. Use with a unit on travel. Use just for fun!

Write and Read a Brain Based Children's Story

BACK TO SCHOOL - Puff Self Portrait Craftivity

BACK TO SCHOOL - Puff Self Portrait Fun Fun Fun Activity. OWNLOAD INCLUDES: PDF lesson plan Patterns for face (optional use) Step by step photos Printable facial layout BB ideas Follow-up game PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: This is so much fun!!! Just the name "Puff Portraits" gets the kids thinking! Lesson plan will provide a fun and creative "back to school" activity to help the children get to know their new classmates.

NEW! Primary Theme - "100 Days" for the 100th Day of School

Your 100th Day of School is planned in a snap with this "print-and-go" themed unit that's perfect for students in grades K, 1st, & 2nd! Includes 8 Different Activities and one written assessment!

I have who has game atoms periodic table molecules chem 5th 6th 7th 8th jr high

Fun game-based review covering elements, molecules, atoms, and the periodic table. Your students will be engaged and learning while having fun! Click to find out more.

Are you looking for a fun way to honor September 11th with your young students in your classroom? This memorial ribbon craft is perfect for that. Grab this FREE resource and let your students who their pride for the USA!

Enjoy this free poster for your poetry unit. You can award this certificate to your students when they recite their poetry. An excellent idea for your poetry unit would be to create a ''competition bracket'' and each day have two students recite a poem of their choice. The rest of the class vote on which student recited the best based on categories such as body language, memorization, expression etc. The winning student then goes to the next round.