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Here’s something you don’t see everyday Li Xiaofeng makes dresses out of porcelain. Entire dresses are crafted out of the shards of pottery, often shards found at archeological sites.

Pieces that I love -7- rhythm and movement- the balance of the spacing, holes vs woven texture, the movement of the swirls give the work a nice flow and rhythm, drawing your eye to different spaces of absence of woven material.

Origami-Inspired Carnival Costumes

The costumes that comprise Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas are made out of paper. Intricately folded and shaped into avant-garde forms, “The costumes are an ephemeral architecture--fragile and mobile. They are, in a way, architecture of the persona," according to the designer. She believes that the costumes help people to lose their "inhibitions and becoming something new and different.”

Trinidadian architect Tara Keens Douglas presented a series of carnival costumes made from folded paper and twisted rope as part of her masters thesis.

Trash to Fashion: 13 Chic & Crazy Upcycled Collections

Fashion photographer Tomaas has captured a series of images in which models are decked out in common plastic items like water bottles and forks.