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The Journey is the Reward - Connections 2014

Customers choose brands that take them on a personal journey. Create a 1:1 journey with every customer... Because the journey is the reward. Dedicated to inspiring, enabling, and educating marketers around the globe, Connections showcases the latest technology and innovation, highlights groundbreaking customer stories, and puts you at the front lines of emerging trends and best practices. This is the Connections 2014 opening video. - The customer revolution ...

The Iceland team’s distinctive connection with fans during the 2016 UEFA European Championships—epitomised by their Viking Clap—was transformed by viral online video sharing into an iconic statement of survival against the odds, that has warmed the cockles of the hearts of committed and casual soccer lovers in all corners of the globe.

Three brothers reunited in heaven Maurice, Robin and Andy Gibb. Heaven must sound amazing

Maori Culture Shines in the Film Whale Rider

Whale Rider Movie... New Zealand Maori girl who eventually saves the sacred whales and fulfills her destiny as a courageous leader. So beautiful!

Music Around the World Video: neat way for students to hear music from different countries while broadening their cultural perspectives.

How humans have transformed Earth: Incredible video illuminates every road, shipping route and flight path