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Explore 1960 President, President Fidel and more!

Fidel Castro: Fidel Castro was a cuban rebel. He and others overthrew the monarchy in Cuba. He was a Communist Leader and was sworn in as Prime Minister in this time. Later he became President.

Eisenhower: Eisenhower was a general in WWII. He was elected president and became the 34th president. He won in a huge landslide of electoral votes.

Richard Nixon: Richard Nixon was President Eisenhower’s Vice President. Nixon was pressured to resign from election because he had a political fund that wasn’t illegal, but it lead to conflicts. Richard Nixon made a speech that wowed everyone over and gained support, so Eisenhower was elected president and Nixon was vice president.

Lebanon: President Eisenhower authorizes a military strategy. This strategy is to stop riots and ease political and religious tensions in Lebanon. This is the first use of the Eisenhower Doctrine, where the U.S could intervene to protect other places.

Juan Peron: He was the Argentinian president. He was president from 1946 till 1955. His presidency ended when a group ousted him.

Trouble in the Suez: President of Egypt decided to nationalize the Suez Channel. The result was the Suez Crisis. This event occurred on October 29th.

Malenkov: Georgy Malenkov became the prime minister of the Soviet Union in 1953. This was after Joseph Stalin’s death. His prime minister time ended in February of 1955.

Mafia: The mafia gains exposure as the FBI concentrates on getting the members. Vito Genovese, who had previously got control of the Luciano crime family, is arrested for his role in running a drug tracking ring.

Doris Day: She was a singer and an actress. She had come out with one album You’re My Thrill. She had also starred in two popular movies: My Dream Is Yours and Its a Great Feeling.

The Rosenbergs: The Rosenbergs are communists who lived in America. Their names are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were accused of sending secret information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. They ended up being executed in 1953.