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Very Best Books about Trains

Best Picture Books about Trains | very best children's books about trains for kids of all ages | Bambini Travel

Purim Books for Kids

Favorite Purim books to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Purim. Includes tales about Queen Esther as well as stories of how Purim is celebrated today.

LEGO Maze City Activity

This LEGO city maze was so much fun for my son! It's an excellent way to develop critical thinking skill and fine motor skills. It's also a neat car activity or pretend play small world.

Digging for worms

Digging for worms is a great fine motor activity. Threading beads onto pipe cleaners and finding them in brown coloured rice. - Laughing Kids Learn

We will talk about what train tickets back in the day cost, and what they looked like. After this discussion the students will create their own train ticket. This idea aligns with the standard SS.H.1.K Compare life in the past with life today. It also aligns with my objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast the changes and advances in railway travel.

Kids' Crafts: Summer Rain Stick. Used wrapping paper tubes tooth picks, masking tape, dried beans and nail clippers. the longer the tube, the more toothpicks and beans, the better the sound

Horse information for kids