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10 Common Words in Spanish and English That Come From Quechua

If you think that Quechua is only used in the Andes, you're sorely mistaken. Spanish, Catalan and even English use Quechua words.

Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Have Some 'Hygge'

hygge // a complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things // I need some of this in my life! I couldn't even begin to attempt pronouncing this, but it sounds great!! :p

uh wasnt that the year mrs. & mr. weasley plus ginny visited charlie but didnt have enough cash to take the rest of the family hence why they all stayed at hogwarts........?

My favorite Safire quote" When you're through're THROUGH." "On Language" great column that is sorely missed.

Aunt Emily Mini Pastel - Paul Murray >> "What sweetness and peacefulness she shows us. I think everyone deserves a grandmother just like her. Aunt Emily, a strong- willed and proud woman of the rugged hills of Appalachia. She can survive the harshest winter and the driest summer. Her pride glows as strong as the sun on her face."

This WAS the best foreign language bookstore in Chicago! Europa, you will be sorely missed.

27 Brilliant Words You Didn't Know You Needed

<b>Entirely eglaf and utterly unlightening.</b> Via <a href="" target="_blank">Urban Dictionary</a>.