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Bud Light - Careful with the Bed -Funny Commercial Ads The Queen laughing as she passes her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh in uniform. This always makes me smile. What a sense of humour this woman has! Wish we could see more of it! this makes me laugh.

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Boy Meets World originally aired on ABC over 20 years ago. | 19 Photos Of The "Boy Meets World" Cast Hanging Out In Real Life

A Cop Sang A Lullaby To Distract A Little Girl After Her Dad Was Killed In A Car Crash

A picture of police officer Nick Struck went viral this week, after the world was touched by his kindness in distracting a little girl involved in a horrific car crash, so she wouldn't be scarred by looking at the scene which allegedly killed her father.

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Five-month-old Alia is friends with a sloth named Daisy. (Yahoo News) girl's unlikely best friend The only thing more adorable than baby Alia's bond with Daisy is the look she gets from other kids. Priceless

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