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Richard & Courtney: Here’s to the ones who inspire and amaze me

proctoreditreh4 FROM OUR LOVELY @durinheir thank you honey x

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Happy birthday Tom!

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Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland :: ca. 1936 - Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland jumping rope. Oh, my gosh.. this is SO cute!

Impressions of a RA fan and theater lover: "John Proctor eats dinner. Mrs. P. comes back in. Wham! The Proctors’ dance begins.It is a dance. Pushing. Pulling. Who is in control? Who is the righteous one? Who is justified? Cold/Hot/Angry/Loving" (Part Two:

Gary Cooper.

THE STAGE REVIEW: "Farber brings out its continued relevance with gutsy vigour, and Richard Armitage (a theatre actor before Hobbit fame) relishes mining the depths of John Proctor, a flawed but decent man, who chooses to die rather than accept a prevailing lie."

The League of British Artists: Richard Armitage in THE CRUCIBLE "(Actually, in this play, one had to be concerned about the sighing women in the audience with RA in the lead. One very funny bit - when he removes his shirt to wash up - there was a drastic intake of breath causing a severe loss of breathable oxygen in the room!)