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This, which makes me reflect on: paradise, with my family and friends, all dear to me. Coming soon to an island near (me!). Soon. Beach neighbors: you will be there with me. Can't wait.

A speck of matter came to life, and it began right away to interact within and among itself. Life came accompanied by relationships, a fundamental expression of the connectedness that has been part of all life that has followed. The theory of evolution maintains that mutations occur which alter the capacity of a life form in some way. If the alteration is beneficial, enhancing its life, the mutation is incorporated into the life of the form in an ongoing way.

Before the truce in the second battle of Magh the formations prepared a vast meal of porridge for Daghdha. However they actually filled the cauldron with 80 measures of new milk and the same quantity of meal and fat. Daghdha was to eat the entire thing or be slain. They further tormented him by placing a beautiful girl with him that he could not make love to because of his full stomach. This myth embodies the trickster motif.

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18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

Serch Bythol, a symbol of undying love, is not as well known as the Claddagh, but no less significant. It is formed by two triskeles. Triskeles are a triangular Celtic knot symbolizing life everlasting. Placed side by side, they create an endless, graceful flow of lines. The three points of the triskele can represent the three aspects of man – body, mind, and spirit. Two triskeles together in Serch Bythol becomes two bodies, two minds, and two spirits acting as one.