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Beginnings of collapse of great ancient Ghana. In 610AD Mohammed is called prophet. This is a significant date in Ancient Ghana histroy because it was Islam and Muslims who defeated and conquered Ancient Ghana. Starting in the 4th century, Muslims invaded Ghana hoping to control its trade empire.

Igbo Peoples Mask, Nigeria: Female (Mmuo). Ca. 19th–20th century. Wood, pigment, cloth, wire, thread, encrustatio...

Asante (Ashanti) Linguist's Staff, belonging to the articulate speaker who spoke for the king. Held or displayed in public rituals and appearances it functioned as an indicator of rank and position. 10.25"h x 3.75" x 7.25"d. Tim Hamill description and copyright

Africa | Tuareg woman in Mali | From an article by Mary Walker, a production coordinator on the BBC2 series "Living Islam"

Ahmad Babo, last President of the University of Sankore (Timbuktu) was the greatest and most prolific African writer and scholar in the 16th century. In the Muslim destruction of the Songhay Empire ...original manuscripts were destroyed then men of learning and craftsmen were enslaved and carried to Magreb. ... The Destruction of the Black Civilization page 207

Nigerian Monarchs

George Osodi's series of portraits of Nigerian monarchs features figures who, since the monarchy system was abolished, have held no constitutional rule yet have remained a part of the country's political landscape.

Double-Sided Ethiopian Parchment with the Table of the Gospels painted in tempera in a Fountain of Life. e. 14th Century. The Tigray region converted to Christianity in the 4th Century; An ally of the Byzantine empire, ruled from Constantinople (Istanbul), aided in controlling trade routes to India.

Ancient Egyptian Cat statuette associated with the goddess Bastet. | (seen via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Milk was fed to sick ancient Egyptian children from these Bes jars in hopes that the milk would be transformed into medicine.