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Astrantias have become garden staples in recent years. Traditionally a cottage garden favourite, they are often featured at the Chelsea Flower Show where their soft-pink, button-like blooms add interest to many different planting styles. They make first-rate cut flowers, and are noted for their long flowering season - if you continue to deadhead them regularly, they will usually keep coming well into autumn.

Common buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) - Tiny, tubular, 5 lobed, fragrant white flowers appear in dense, spherical, long-stalked flower heads. Long, projecting styles give the flower heads a distinctively pincushion-like appearance.

Must have round poly tunnel: Skorpion Weed: Lavender-blue, bell-shaped flowers, which are laden with nectar, form in densely-packed clusters on sturdy stems and attract bees and other beneficial insects in their droves. Perfect for wildflower meadows, or naturalised planting schemes, the flowers will last well after being cut. The fast growing foliage will help suppress weeds and makes an attractive groundcover. Scorpion weed can also be treated as a green manure crop,

Campanula carpatica is a clump-forming perennial to 30cm, with long-stalked, rounded leaves and solitary, violet-blue or white, open-bell-shaped flowers to 3cm in width. Other common names American harebell, Carpathian harebell, Carpatian bell-flower. Height: 0.1-0.5 metres.

Euphorbia oblongata

Euphorbia oblongata is the all round best-looking, longest-flowering foliage plant you can find anywhere in the world. Use it to line your paths in your cutting patch.