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"Roul swirls his drink around so the bubbles fizzle and he looks down into the glass as though he can read something from it." — Connor, The Night Has Claws

The Night Has Claws by Kat Kruger. Book Two of The Magdeburg Trilogy. Canadian edition available from Fierce Ink Press September 24, 2013. Coming to German translation from cbj/Random House Germany July 13, 2015.

"Grit builds beneath my fingernails. I can’t see it underneath my polish — a dark but sparkly shade of purple that I picked more for the name than anything, Formidable!, as if a coat of toxic lacquer could give me superpowers — but I feel the dirt there." — Madison, The Night Has Claws

"He’s dressed like a character from The Bourne Trilogy about to high-tail it through some snow-covered hinterland on a mission to blow stuff up." — Connor, The Night Has Claws

"In a painting she’d look fab: pale skin, strawberry blonde hair spread out like a fan, nude chiffon blouse all airy and frou-frou." — Madison, The Night Has Claws

"I’ve never heard of the Brioni label on the tag on the inside of my suit, but if we’re going to be judged at least we’re doing it in style, even if I feel like a fraud." — Connor, The Night Has Claws

"The leather brace is a relic of that time, an object meant to protect a warrior from dangers in combat. Maybe it means he’s still fighting. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be reminded of what’s underneath it." — Connor, The Night Has Claws