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A thick soup delicately flavoured with fresh mint leaves. The soup is also called "yalya soup". The mint leaves can be dried before hand and stored in an air-tight container.

Aashe Doogh (A Delectable Yogurt-Based Persian Soup)

This authentic Azeri Persian comfort soup is SO good and healthy. Easy to make too!

Upside-Down Rice with Cauliflower, Eggplant, and Lamb (Maqloubeh)

Dinner Tonight: Channa Masala

I've had so many boring versions of channa masala I was little flabbergasted when I came across a version that was delicately spiced, fragrant, and worthy of the spotlight. I was up on Devon Avenue in Chicago at Uru-Swati, an...

Persian Lentil Soup

Dried limes or black limes provide a complex flavor to many Iranian dishes. They not only give the tang of a fresh lime but also add a fermented musky depth of flavor. In this lentil soup the dried lime and sumac add brightness to match the fresh herbs.

Persian Kotlet---1 lb Ground Beef; 1 Lrg Potato, grated; 2 Med Garlic Cloves, diced; 1 Sm Onion, diced; Curry, Pepper, Salt---In lrg bowl, combine onions, garlic and potatoes. Add ground beef, combine. Add spices & mix well. Make small patties and fry in oil. Top with tomato sauce. Serve over Basmati Rice with Yogurt. (add lrg cucumber to lrg tub plain yogurt, salt & pepper)

Persian Lentil Soup with Olive Oil-Crisped Lentils & Onions (عدسی‌ Adasi)