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Phoenix, AZ has plenty of cactus trees, and the truth is that there is a mixed consensus even among Arizona's natives as to whether or not cactus tree's are beautiful or not. What do you think?

You'd be surprised of how "rural" the terrain can get when you go just a few miles out of this major US city.

Just one look at an Arizona sunset can brighten your entire day...sight seeing can be so addictive!

Doesn't this sort of look like you're looking out of a museum? I totally love this city...

Why not introduce yourself to this popular football team at Phoenix, Arizona? By AZCARDINALS.COM

Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston has lots of friendly animals and is a historical landmark. Visit for more details.

Porretto Beach. Visit for more details.

Dallas Fortworth may be known for cowboy boots and horses, but it is not without its amusement parks!