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maraboudesign: “ We apologize for neglecting our blog, but Instagram has made it too easy to share our daily doings. Check in with us there to view some of our latest projects & everyday inspiration! x ”

This is my autumn/winter blog. I post winter stuff during winter and autumn the rest of the year. If you're active and a Fall/Winter or seasonal blog, message me and I'll follow back Stay Beautiful...

Have you noticed the leaves turning in your part of the world? Do you make seasonal bucket lists? By nature I’m hopelessly disorganized, but having children has helped me make some progress, mainly because my kids demand it of me. This bucket list .

Hello, I'm Hannah. This is my Autumn/Winter/Seasonal blog. I have several other blogs, including a weighloss blog, a personal blog, and soon a writing/journal blog and a blog about my dog, Cider. Please feel free to check them out too!-Hannah

Just a girl obsessed with books, food, girly stuff, series, movies and music. I also fangirl over random stuff. Wanted that bio to be inspirational, guess I failed... P.-S.: I'm french.

There are so many beautiful blogs on here. I dont own any of them, I just re blog and add random favourites. If you see one of your photos on here and you dont want on here, let me know and I will remove ASAP. I blog on colour or theme.