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Step back in time: Revealing enchanting personal photographs and mementoes, showing a private side to the Queen the public rarely see...

Queen Elizabeth II galloping at Ascot in 1964

In 2016, Beyoncé released the song Formation with lyrics supporting the phrase "black lives matter". Although never directly mentioned within the song, the phrase was made in response to the multiple homicides of black people at the hands of police officers over the past couple years. Beyoncé as well as other influential figures have joined together to make it known that black lives matter just as much as any other life, a common misunderstanding since this phrase has created an impact…

Elisa Vendramin's sketchbook.

Þýða - elisa vendramin

Alexandra Ethell

When I first heard the term ‘havingness’ about 15 years ago, I was immediately intrigued by this unusual word. More than an accounting of what you already have, havingness is the state of your capa…

Photos: From Jennifer Lawrence to Lupita Nyong’o: Hollywood’s Fiercest Women Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

SAOIRSE RONAN <br /><br /><p>20 films, including <em>Brooklyn</em> (2015).</p>

Beautiful profile on a black backdrop. Also, this actress is Eponine in the Les Mis movie, not Taylor Swift! Yesssss.