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"Anna is cracking the whip on my plot planning revisions!" Stephanie Olivieri (based on exercises from PlotWriMo + PWWorkbook)

"Martha & Jill the videos, and workshops I have done with you both have really helped me see why this was lagging in some spots-I think the rewrite will go much smoother now. Thank you." Stephanie Olivieri, YA writer

Check out Suzanne Lewis PLOT using A Path To Publishing PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel Videos! Great job, Suzanne!

One gorgeous Plot Planner by a writer in A Path to Publishing 16-week Plot a Novel from Beginning to End

Working on my 13pg scene tracker, and totally just had a breakthrough on the End of Beginning Scene! Martha, I just plugged in your 7 elements of a scene in excel and moved a few things around but it's working beautifully for me... Thank you!

How to Plot the Climax of Your Story on a Plot Planner using The End (1/4) of Folly by award-winning mystery writer Laurie R. King