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alittlebayray: “ Leaking a lot lately, so this happened ”

(OPINION TIME!!!) I honestly don't like "Larry Stylinson" Call me a hater or what ever, you won't be the first that's for sure. I don't ship them because, I honestly can't see them, They act like me and Brandon honestly... all gay and crap but were just best friends we knew since diapers... Even if they were gay, I wouldn't bother with it as long as there happy and right now, both of them aren't

điều trị xuất tinh sớm khi mới quan hệ

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pupindiapers93: “New collar and pokéshirt feat Brooklyn adventures! ”

bilbng86: “TBT more college day pics;) ”

derwindeljunge: “Throwback Thursday to warmer weather ”

dyprboy: “Designate a driver, BUCKLE up, and stay safe & dry on this New Year’s Eve! ”

mathewsmommy: “Mommy’s handsome boy ”

All my friends are growing up, getting married and having kids and I’m over here still trying to get potty trained. #littleboy