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鎧・兜の甲冑・武具 MORISAKI/商品販売

Ikeda (Chikugo-no-kami) Nagaoki. (front row, left) He was the head of the Second Japanese Embassy to Europe (Japanese:第2回遣欧使節), also called the Ikeda Mission, sent in 1863-1864 by the Tokugawa shogunate to negotiate the cancellation of the open-port status of Yokohama.

「日本最後の侍たち」江戸後期から明治の時代に撮影された武芸者たちの写真いろいろ - DNA

Japan's Wonderfully Strange Samurai Helmets

In Japanese, they’re called “kawari kabuto”, which is often translated as “unusual helmets”. They’re some of the m...

Portrait of Samurai Tachidō Tōsei Gusoki Armor attributed to Myōchin Nobui Late Edo Period 19th century CE Japan by mharrsch

A cut above: 19th-century text used to train samurai warriors deciphered

This is a group of Japanese Samurai warriors circa 1880. A training text, used by a martial arts school to teach members of the bushi (samurai) class, has b...