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Sleep Better: Top 7 Sleep Hacks To Help You Feel Rested

Everything you need to know about falling asleep, and how to sleep better at night. I love the breathing exercise in # 6.

5 Beginner Meditations To Help You Relax & Sleep Better

5 Beginner Meditations To Help You Relax & Sleep Better: From the new Downdog Diary Yoga Blog found exclusively at DownDog Boutique. DownDog Diary brings together yoga stories from around the web on Yoga Lifestyle... Read more at DownDog Diary

The 5 Minute Meditation That Changed My Life

5 Minutes. Super effective for reducing anxiety and bringing peace and calm - worked better than medication for me! Only 6 easy steps and it works.

I listened to this as I was going to sleep. It's so powerful, I could feel the beats coursing through my body, relaxing me from head to toe. This worked better than the Sleepy Time tea (which makes you say some pretty wacky things if you're not accustomed to the feeling of being relaxed!).

Everything You Need To Know About Meditation

Charlie Knoles has been meditating his entire life. In this comprehensive talk, he debunks the biggest myths about meditation, why anyone is capable of meditating, and explains why meditation is a natural state.