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SS: Hitler's Foreign Divisions: Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen-SS by Chris Bishop, Amber Books

SS-Totenkopf by Dr Chris Mann, Amber Books, the first in a series of books on the divisions of the Waffen-SS, explores the background to the unit’s formation, the men it recruited, the key figures involved, and its organisation. It also looks at the specialist training of the Waffen-SS, and the uniforms and insignia that members of the division wore.

The German campaigns in Poland and the West in 1939 and 1940 ushered in a new era in warfare. The theory of the Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) developed by Hitler's forward-thinking generals - including the foreword writer, Heinz Guderian - was put into devastating effect. Based on a German book published during World War II and never before translated, Blitzkrieg in their own Words, translated by Alan Bance, Amber Books, is a military history of these campaigns written by those taking part.

"SS: Wiking" by Rupert Butler, Amber Books, is an in-depth examination of the fifth Waffen-SS unit to be formed, detailing the unit's background, organisation, equipment, and combat record. Approximately 75 per cent of the division's strength were non-German nationals, all of them volunteers from occupied countries like Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, and Norway.

"Berlin 1945: The Final Reckoning" by Karl Bahm, Amber Books, shows how, in a city reduced to rubble, a bitter hand-to-hand struggle developed between fanatical Nazis, old men and young boys of the Hitler Youth, and hard-bitten Russian troops. The suffering of the soldiers and civilians in the city are revealed in full detail, with accounts from soldiers of both sides. The book details how German commanders disobeyed Hitler’s orders to stand to the last man, and the fate of the city was…

The Vietnam War by Chris McNab and Andrew Wiest is a timely account of the 6,000-day conflict in Southeast Asia. The lucid, authoritative text includes eye-witness accounts of the battles and incidents of America’s undeclared war. The book provides a graphic and compelling account of one of the most brutal conflicts of modern history.

Gallipoli and the Middle East by Edward J Erickson, part of the History of World War I series by Amber Books, provides a detailed guide to the background and conduct of World War I in all the theatres in which Ottoman forces were engaged.

The Red Army in Combat 1941-1945 (Eastern Front from Primary Sources) by Bob Carruthers, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005UDJ436/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_l3Esub1KCXE7C

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