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* Thinking something like this only with a bird my Ally-son drew on a shirt for me a long time ago. :) * birds

a real girl with a lot of tattoos on her arms like me. I would like to extend mine down beyond the elbow some time soon. but 3/4 length, not full sleeve.

novo (nō′vō) m : To make new, renew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent. Novo is a place you can enjoy high style without the pretense. We are not catering to a specific type of person or hair – rather to a spirit of reinvention!

like this because its halfed into different sections (seasons), but would want all 4 showing

My Phoenix is fierce, strong, determined, and beautiful. It is me, reborn and reinvented as I enter and attack the second half of my life. Artist: Jessie Hopeless, Exile Tattoo, Kansas City, MO