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The Atlantic, which has to be the finest magazine in America, have compiled a remarkable collection of photos from the newly released database of the New Y

Tube stations: then and now

Earl's Court got its place on the London transport network on April 12 1869, when it joined the Metropolitan District Railway (now the District line). Fast forward 133 years and it's barely recognisable, those roomy platforms slimmed down to make room for Piccadilly line trains and thousands of commuters (disappointingly few of whom still wear top hats). Earl's Court Underground 'Before' image © London Transport Museum

4505. I could explain, if you wanted me to, why the plumb bob goes so fast and the barn so slowly, but I doubt if you would find it at all interesting. What I do think is interesting is what it was like for Coromo, during those moments, as the plane floated along in the sky.

4607. "I wonder how fast the earth is moving as it spins around on its axis?" he asked himself, but he had no idea. "How fast is the spinning earth moving in its path around the sun." Could it be fifty miles an hour or five hundred, he couldn't even guess.

4541. I just want to say that, I to have found myself in a place where my dreams and desires looked to have no possibility of fulfillment. Sometimes those desires consisted of no more that a wish to stand in a certain place, and look at a certain thing. But to stand in that place and look at that thing had become impossible.

3307. But it was like someone had thrown a rock in a lake somewhere and the ripples went out, and the further away they got, they become so slight you could hardly see them; but when they got to me, my life was overturned and disrupted.