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Nothing beats a nice salad for dinner. 50/50 mixed organic spinach and field greens with sautéed mushrooms, favs beans and carrots with a side of Teavana tea...heaven.. And then we all watched doesn't get any better then that

This was taken a few days ago but I forgot to post it... We were in Charlotte, North Carolina and we came across *The Fresh Market and Mama and Papa conehead were I asked them what sounded we created something from what we had. *sprouted Quinoa bread and got 2 Tablespoons of fresh ground peanut butter and then went to the bulk section to get 2 scoops of *salt and pepper kettle boiled peanuts. Hence the photo. I'm holding up what I created.

This is me trying to capture all the beauty of Washington on this current 2+ year unplanned road trip... I know it's a work in progress

On the open road in Missouri.....We came across this drink..."Happiness in a bottle"..(it was coconut aloe vera juice)

When we started our trip in Moore, Oklahoma going toward Wichita falls, Texas we came across this classic beauty.

These geese were crossing the road when we arrived at our hotel in Wichita falls, Texas..precious

It's so nice to be in a place that can have dancing water year round. Scottsdale, Arizona