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Blue Bloods, Melissa de la Cruz (*)

Published: 2007 by Hyperion | Pages: 302 | Won on Twitter #review #book #vampire

Loved The Girl on the Train? Here are 6 New Books to Read Next

Yes, yes, we know. You know. Everybody and their great aunt knows. If you liked Gillian Flynn’s dark and suspenseful Gone Girl, then you have to read Paula Hawkins’s page-turner The Girl on the Train—and vice versa. But you likely knocked out both of those books before the calendar flipped over to 2

If you know anything about the murder's in Hollywood called the wonderland murders you have to read this book. It goes into so much more detail about Dawn. She struggled through so much and for her to have survived is a miracle. It's a page turner.

Review of The Page Turners from New review of my novel, The Page Turners from Laura Agnella at The Book Junkie.