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About a month ago, I attended a mandatory workshop for first-year students at the University of Michigan called “Change......-Pro Israel and want to help? Add your voice to the following facebook group, join and you do not have to be Jewish at.....

OPINION: The case for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

Israeli-Americans Can Strengthen the Jewish People in the U.S. and Lead the Fight Against BDS

"The Israeli-American community can form an army of activists who can stand up against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, which isn't just an issue for Israel or the Jewish community, but a threat to the future of America and all of Western Society."

In the realm of academia, there’s almost always room for interpretation. History is written with some form of bias, and students and educators alike are expected to recognize this and respond accurately. But when one person’s opinion becomes fact and there is no one to challenge it, everyone suffers — without even knowing it. Such is the situation on many a college campus, including my own. My college, Syracuse University, is almost notoriously apathetic. The college Republicans and…

Why I Changed My Mind about Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism » Mosaic

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra views a new Board of Deputies display on righteous Muslims during the Holocaust. (photo credit: Marc Morris/courtesy)

New UK Regulations Will Prohibit Israel Boycotts by Local Councils