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According to estimates, the potential production will be in the billions of barrels, and since the Jewish State consumes about 100 million barrels of oil per year, Israel will be self-sufficient for many, many years. By Arutz Sheva Staff A giant oil deposit has been found in th

Bethlehem, West Bank - It's what happened there 'then' that counts - Israel has a right to defend herself after being bombed for 7 years.

Be'er Sheva, Tel Be'er Sheva, cistern. Archeological site believed to be the remains of the biblical town of Beersheba, ISRAEL. (by blauepics, via Flickr)

The outer court is where the Dome of the Rock is located, and the Palestinians, of course, are the Gentiles. So despite the years of quarrels over the Temple Mount, there will be a Jewish Temple standing on it next to the Dome of the Rock. You can count on it! Please join me on Facebook at