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Свадебный фотограф Антон Ерошин (antoneroshin). Фотография от 08.06.2015

Свадебный фотограф Татьяна Тарасовская (Tarasovskaya). Фотография от 15.10.2015

I stand at the edge of the cliff and spread my arms out like wings. The air whips around me, pushing me forward. I'm about to jump when a voice sounds behind me. ((Open RP for the person? Romance please. Boy or girl. Your choice!)) CREDIT:

How many couples before them have lain hours under a window, in a bed, tasting, touching, looking, resting--the world a screen or pane of glass away, restless for their presence, when all they want is the solitude of each other.--Cherri Porter

(Open rp) My heart starts beating faster. I can't believe it's him. It happened like they told us it would. The first time we touch our soulmate, we leave our favorite color there. I looked into his eyes and I smile.

“From my perspective, intimacy requires mutuality, which means mutual valuing, mutual empowerment, mutual respect, and mutual empathy. A truly intimate relationship fosters the growth of both parties, not just one.” Harriet Lerner ~ The Dance of Intimacy

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Mel. North Dakota/Montana. Jesus. Doughnuts. Running. Forests. Film photography. Brewers. Packers. Star gazing. Writing. Drawing. Road trippin'. Reading. Isaiah Instagram: allthetreesofthefield Photography blog: